Lessons On Sleeping

I guess a recent Time magazine article on sleep advice from astronauts sheds light on the common sense with getting some shut eye.

The bottom line: Astronauts spending time in space can get pretty confused with the circadian rhythm.

what do they have to say?


First the three things to know about how we sleep:

1) You’re a slave to external cues

2) Your body doesn’t naturally stay on a 24hr cycle

3) You’re not very good at judging sleep quality


with that said…if an Astronaut can get sleep without the sun rising or the moon shining out the window…maybe we can learn from their secrets.

for example:

1) keep a schedule. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

2) take an hour before bed to wind down..not facebook or a  new show on the DVR

3) get more sunlight in the morning, turn off electronics at night, get softer lights for night time,

4) keep the bedroom dark, cool and free from noise



with that said..the bed you sleep on in crucial for a good night sleep. If it mean sleeping in two different rooms or beds than your partner..it is worth it.


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