Bendable Mattresses – Futons vs. Platform Beds

Bendable Mattresses – Futons vs. Platform Beds

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platform bed

platform bed

Platform Bed Mattresses

Made for every day sleep. Made of high quality ingredients. Sometimes they use large blocks of high density foam 6 inches or bigger. These large blocks of foam do not bend in a proper way to be used on a futon frame. As well as being constructed from different materials these mattresses also tend to be a lot heavier due to the weight of these ingredients. The weight of some of these mattresses might make it impractical for use on a futon frame.



Futon Frame Mattresses

These mattresses can be constructed for every night sleep and if that is the case you want the upmost quality in a mattress but most typically they are purchased to be put on futon frames for use in guest rooms, home offices, or secondary seating areas. Where they will be used sparingly. With that being the case most typically people search for inexpensive solutions still made from high quality ingredients. Bottom line on a futon frame there are mattresses specifically designed to be used on futon frame and these can ether be made for every day sleep or occasional use. When buying a futon frame first figure out the way you intend to use it then do some research to find a mattress that will fit all your needs.

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