Tufted vs. Untufted

Tufted vs. Untufted

The reason that mattresses are tufted Like buttons is to keep the materials inside from shifting when you sleep. If it’s not tufted any movement on the mattress could shift the contents inside or other ingredients will move back-and-forth with your body and you’ll get lumps in your mattress. Some mattresses that do not have cotton or wool in them at all, like a Tempur-pedic mattress are not tufted. Typical ingredients that require tufting are cotton and wool. Other ingredients like latex and memory foam do not require tufting.

Click if your looking for some great tufted cotton mattresses.

Click if your looking for some great tufted wool mattresses.

Click to check out some great non – tufted mattresses.

They are the perfect solution to going organic but still getting that Tempur-pedic feel.

Click if you want to watch a great video on mattress manufacturing and the tufting process.

Click to learn how to avoid a lumpy mattress.

Click to learn more about which mattress is right for which sleep position.

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