Why Organic Mattresses are Better

HealthyFamily_FTSWhy Organic Mattresses are Better

Read what makes a mattress organic.

The Safer Chemical’s act released findings that exposure to certain kinds of pesticides and other chemicals increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease and may also increase the risk of cognitive decline and or dementia. Flame retardants, pesticides, and petroleum are notorious for being linked to causing Alzheimer’s and a host of other diseases. The goal is to get these harmful chemicals out of your home.

The key is to find a company one can trust to farm organic ingredients in a sustainable way and then to manufacture those ingredients into certified organic products for you and your family.

Click to watch a great video on Organic Mattress Manufacturing highlighting how organic ingredients from the farms get assembled into mattresses for your bedroom.

Read about the Farm to Bedroom Movement.

Click if you wanna read about a great list of Organic Mattress Ingredients.

Click to browse through some great organic mattresses.

Click to learn more about chemical free mattresses. (all are fire retardant free)

Click to check out GOTS certified Organic Covers.

Avoiding Formaldehyde

What Is Off Gassing

Cotton & The Environment

Benefits Of Going Organic

Furniture & Your Health

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